Sunday, September 27, 2009

Honto? Hmm...

The Blood+ manga.
I didn't read the first one.
I had gone to the library over summer and I saw it, the title blood+.... But I hadn't yet heard of the anime. Later I watched the anime and really regretted not having got it while it was there.

Yesterday morning, Saturday, at about 10:00 AM, I got to go to the library again!
This is the first time since school has started!!! >___<;;;;
I missed my library trips =(

I found volumes 2, 3, and even 4 just sitting there on the shelf.
I freaked out and got all three of them!!!
I finished the anime series just recently, whereas I started it near the end of summer.
------I'm sorry to anyone who was wanting to read them. LOL. I will get them back soon! Thank you very much.--------

The story is so different!!!! Mui in volume 2? I could swear she didn't enter the series until at least 30 episodes in! And where was Riku? Mui was Saya's friend in volume 2.
I was so sad that Mui turned into a Chiropteran =(. Then Saya was forced to do away with her. That was an odd touch that I am almost MAD at Katsura Asuka-sensei for. TT__TT
And also her dad just kind of stayed at home. But in the anime, it was essential that he also became a Chiropteran and was slayed. How does this work?
But of course, there might've been a bit more of Saya's Oto-san in the first volume, which I skipped of course.
Haji. Saya is already obsessed with Haji. But in the anime he was just kind of THERE for a long while. A very long while. When did this change?
But it was cool that Haji-san had more action =^-^= ♫!!~ He is a definite hero in the anime and the manga, that remains unchanged.

((I hope there isn't a ton more blood to continue! That really is depressing. This is my first Dark Horse manga. I'm not quite use to all the gore. =/ *puzzled*))

This storyline is really different!! Still I enjoy reading it. I can't wait to read volumes 3 and 4. Hopefully at some point I can go back to volume 1, that way things may make a bit more sense.

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