Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tokyo Girls Style (東京女子流, Tōkyō Joshi Ryū) !! ~♥♥

Konnichi wa~ Erisan desu!

I have formed a recent obsession :3 ... Tokyo Girls Style!

Debuted at young ages with three beauteous singles.. Yes, I hope to follow them!

My favorite is Shoji Mei. The dancer, of course♥♥

She looks very energetic and like a very hard worker.

She looks very polite, and her singing voice just keeps getting stronger!

I first found Tokyo Joshi Ryu through their third single, which just happened to be linked to some part of Youtube.

After much time in admiration for the catchy tune, I found their debut, "Kirari".

"Kirari" kept me on the STYLE train, because of the message it sent! SO great for a debut video!! <333 I love it!

I've also joined the STYLE blog~ My user name is ElChan26 on the Forums <33

I hope to continue following STYLE always!!


I have plans to dance to "Onnaji Kimochi" and "Kirari" quite soon!!

So then, Ja nee~

~Erisa Desu~

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