Monday, July 26, 2010

Wakannai :(

Konnichi wa ♥♥♪

I have to admit minna-san, sometimes it gets old to open up twitter and see even more than this:

That I can't understand at all! Sometimes Tokyo Girls Style, plus Ayano, plus Hitomi, plus Wada Ayaka say a whole bunch of stuff, and then it takes like twenty minutes to put it all into the translator.

It'd be so much easier if I could learn to understand.

Still from the translations, I learn a lot. Like "Kira Kura" referred to Ayano having a headache, and "Kai Pan" when Hitomi said it meant that she got paid for very good work.

I'm so anxious to learn Japanese though, sometimes. I love the sound of it and how it looks. But there is just so much to learn!! >_<... Sometimes that's good, because it's like a really great challenge that I'll be happy when I get better and better. But since I'm so young right now, sometimes it just looks like one BIG challenge instead of many small challenges.~

Sighh... Anyways, I'll learn it someday! =) And then I'll be able to read what Hitomin and Aachan write to the world, in its best translation~♥

Sore, ja nee~♫ ♥♦♣♠


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