Sunday, September 27, 2009

Honto? Hmm...

The Blood+ manga.
I didn't read the first one.
I had gone to the library over summer and I saw it, the title blood+.... But I hadn't yet heard of the anime. Later I watched the anime and really regretted not having got it while it was there.

Yesterday morning, Saturday, at about 10:00 AM, I got to go to the library again!
This is the first time since school has started!!! >___<;;;;
I missed my library trips =(

I found volumes 2, 3, and even 4 just sitting there on the shelf.
I freaked out and got all three of them!!!
I finished the anime series just recently, whereas I started it near the end of summer.
------I'm sorry to anyone who was wanting to read them. LOL. I will get them back soon! Thank you very much.--------

The story is so different!!!! Mui in volume 2? I could swear she didn't enter the series until at least 30 episodes in! And where was Riku? Mui was Saya's friend in volume 2.
I was so sad that Mui turned into a Chiropteran =(. Then Saya was forced to do away with her. That was an odd touch that I am almost MAD at Katsura Asuka-sensei for. TT__TT
And also her dad just kind of stayed at home. But in the anime, it was essential that he also became a Chiropteran and was slayed. How does this work?
But of course, there might've been a bit more of Saya's Oto-san in the first volume, which I skipped of course.
Haji. Saya is already obsessed with Haji. But in the anime he was just kind of THERE for a long while. A very long while. When did this change?
But it was cool that Haji-san had more action =^-^= ♫!!~ He is a definite hero in the anime and the manga, that remains unchanged.

((I hope there isn't a ton more blood to continue! That really is depressing. This is my first Dark Horse manga. I'm not quite use to all the gore. =/ *puzzled*))

This storyline is really different!! Still I enjoy reading it. I can't wait to read volumes 3 and 4. Hopefully at some point I can go back to volume 1, that way things may make a bit more sense.


I have this box of crackers at home that I just now looked at.
I saw the title and didn't even see what they were for a while. I guess it was just a weird name for a food to have, so I couldn't yet guess what was inside the box by just seeing the side label.

Classic Rounds? Really? LOL!!!
That's just too funny. Isn't it?


Monday, September 14, 2009

True, Very True.

" Youth is an incessant, tiring lullaby" ~Berryz Kobo 1st Single

Friday, August 28, 2009


Isn't C-ute's new single fantastic?! I love it!! So cute~~
It's called, "EVERYDAY Zekkouchou!!", and it's really great!
They've got a good dance for it. I like the style of the PV. Airi pwned it! And MaiMai is too cool! I couldn't imagine being in her place....She's just a BIT younger than me!
The music itself starts out sounding like "Maple Treeway" music from Mario Kart Wii! It's such a funny resemblence!~~
Isn't that weird??
I also might be thinking of another from that game....I'm not sure, it's just the first thing to come to me!!

Mano just gets better and better! I'm happy that in her new single, "Kono Mune no Tokimeki".
Let's see...Judging by the title....I've heard these words before!! hmm..
the "no" adds ownership to the "kono mune", i'm almost positive.
"Tokimeki" must have to do with time. Because "toki" is time of course!
I'll learn it eventually~
Here's a link with just a picture:
Anyway-- I was so happy to see S/mileage in there again! They've gotten so pretty it pwns! Wada Ayaka has been a major favorite of mine lately. Isn't she cool? I guess judging by the Ama no Jaku pv, she must draw too! That was amazing!! I draw too =). That was something I was so excited to learn about her~

It still bothers me that I don't know any H!P fans in real life!! Why are they so frickin' rare? Once you become familiar with their songs, you're HOOKED!. Why am I still a loner?
Well, I'm positive that one day when i take a japanese class, I will find someone that is into H!P....if not a big fan of many other Japanese bands~! =) I can't wait.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's been a whlie (-nodd-).....

I don't really have much to say. It isn't modivating that I started this blog for no reason and I haven't asked anyone to read it...HAHA~!

Well, I got a new computer today!! It is lovely~~~~. I need to name it though...Let's see...There was
-Jessie - From 2005 to christmas 2008, when she died a terrible crash and never awoke...
-Bessy - Mom's crashed work computer. Not bad for it's time, but it HAS NO SOUND!
-Sir Frederic Froogleheimer - college sister's crashed LAPTOP from 2003, came with virus!!

And now this one will be the lucky one. I can just feel it ;D. (Altho...Jessie DID do a good job =D).

What should I name it?


See, I want to give it a japanese name<3 but the sister would kill me XD.

How about..


Muahakakakakakakaahahaha~~~~~~`````!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GERTRUDE IT IS!!~~!!!!~!~~!!!!!!~


alrighty then...

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Yayy!! I put up my fan dance for Karen Girls the other day! It came out pretty nice ^-^. I got 2 comments even!! WOOT! I think that means I'll get more soon ;D. It's not like I've never gotten comments before, but for some really makes you anxious!! LOL
One of them said I need more energy. I didn't think about it HAHA. I'm not disagreeing though. I really do agree after watching again. I might do the same song over in one shot, just to see if I can do better ;D. But yeah, I'm sure I'll grow the more I practice. I danced for a long time when I wasn't behind the camera. But the camera is SOOO different!! It's cRAZY! It really helps you see what you're doing wrong.
I want to keep dancing. I'm worried though....I went through like 4 pairs of batteries on that!!!!!
But at the same time, it couldn't possibly be as bad next time...Considering how many different shots and angles I did that last video! I bet I'd be fine with 2 and then eventually just 1. I'm still getting use to being in front of a camera lol.
This is exciting! I never dreamed I'd be able to do fan dances!! I hope that I continue to grow, and I hope I make friends through it. How I would love to be part of a Cosplay!! (<3____<3)~~~~~~~

I want to get as good as like....Kyaaakya or Michigo or MiraMirachan or someone! That'd be just awesome!
Dance is so much fun! I love learning choreography. ^__-

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Yeah, this post is kind of out of boredom. I've been wanting to post a second entry since my second day here, but I was also waiting for a friend to read the first one...LOL!

I'm not very good at blogging. What am I suppose to talk about? HA

Oh yes-- I've started watching Blood+ anime!! It is amazing and I love it! I recommend it to everybody! The whole world! YEAH!
I've watched 1/2 of it, 25 episodes this week!

My favorite character is Haji. He's just awesome. He's patient. He's fierce. And he knows exactly what his goals are. And even though he has all the time in the world, he never wastes a second of it. I envy Haji. I even wonder if his name translates to "strength". It should! ^_^.

Oh yes! Today is my 1 year of one of my youtube accounts--
I haven't really posted much on it =(. My computer crashed in the middle of the year. So now me and my sister are using our older sister's broken down, crap-job laptop.
It's awful! Toshiba brand. Windows. 2003-ish. YUCK!!
However, I am working on a slideshow! And I don't care that the older sister said it "can't handle any big projects". I haven't made a video since LAST YEAR! LITERALLY! And I'm really beginning to miss it!
Unfortunately, I didn't even make it in time for my 1 year anniversary post =(. The slideshow is still in progress.
To all those who said they'll be looking forward to another slideshow from me,

Sorry for the wait!! I'll work really hard!

Thank you for reading....if anybody ever will in 10 years...

Monday, July 20, 2009

My First Blog

Hiya! I'm Erisa. I'm new to blogging ^_^. Nice to meet you!

I'm a BIIIIGG Japanese fan, mostly of Hello!Project and various anime + manga series. I wish I could say that I have Asian heritage, but that would make me just too lucky, wouldn't it? I am half Arab, a fourth Irish, and a fourth Norwegian. But some of my biggest dreams are to learn the Japanese language and visit Japan!, if not LIVE there!! That would be the most amazing thing I could ever hope for!

The "ama no jaku" PV just got out today!! I was so ecstatic when I woke up to find it! I had a "Shugo! Shugo!" related dream last night, so I thought it was kind of if I almost expected it! HAHA.
I loved it! Kawaii desu yo!!! All 4 of the members looked really nice, and grown up too! The dance was perfect and it looks like a lot of fun. And did you see Wada Ayaka-chan's drawing? I'm an artist too, so I thought that was awesome!!! I can't wait for the making to come out, I want to see how she does it! This is a remarkable talent I wouldn't have guessed for Wada.

I joined this blog because of Michigopyon. I watch her amazing youtube videos sometimes, and I thought blogging looked like fun. So I joined. Also, I'm trying to make a few friends. She's just a bit older than me, but I hope that we can connect through this miraculous thing called the internet one day. She's really cool, and I think she would be fun to talk to.
I don't have any friends that like the Hello!Project. And everyone I tell about them hates it! It's so dumb [x__x]. I want to make a friend that has the same interest, just for once! Onegai, blue moon...

I want to go to Japan one day!
I am planning on taking the language class in High school when I'm a Sophomore, but that's a while away. I'm not even sure if they offer a trip, or if my parents would even let me go! They didn't let 2 of my sisters go to France, nor the other go to Spain, so why would they let me go to Japan? Well, I hope when that time comes, they will see my true desire to go, and then wish me the best as I'm on my way.
As for now, I've basically been saving money (my $7.00 allowance...woohoo! That'll cover it..=/), and learning to speak in Japanese. I don't know much now, but I'm prepared to buckle down and really work at it. And of course....this is all assuming that if I just pretend it to be a reality, it'll happen....but that's doubtable.

If I went to Japan would I even fit in? My sister's teacher worked there for 10 years as a socialogy professor. Him and his family went back to visit recently, and they wouldn't even let him stay in a hotel room! Are they really that harsh toward foreigners?
Not to mention, I look completely different! Not to say I'm fat, but tall....big nose....brown hair that constantly gets lighter....and curvy. (Oh yeah, and if I try to do anything Japanese, it is SERIOUSLY not cute. ><) I would give anything to be a short, black haired, adorable, thin Japanese girl, but nondesu yo. It isn't so. And it never will be. *sigh* =/ My interest for the Japanese always grows. You know how here in the states, you find that group of Asian boys that walk around in a big group and speak to each other in a language no one around them understands? I eavesdrop on them sometimes... *guilty* ><. It is a hope of mine that I will see my growth in knowledge of their dialect when I can understand what they are talking about. This blog is pretty random, but yep! That's me! =) I'll continue to blog and note how things change, and I'll state my opinions on the latest H!P releases.
<---sorry for the sideways picture >__<. But like I said, totally not cute. [-___-]

I wanted to share this kitty picture with you ^_^. One of my close friends gave it to me for Christmas. Adorable, isn't it? (<333)