Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's been a whlie (-nodd-).....

I don't really have much to say. It isn't modivating that I started this blog for no reason and I haven't asked anyone to read it...HAHA~!

Well, I got a new computer today!! It is lovely~~~~. I need to name it though...Let's see...There was
-Jessie - From 2005 to christmas 2008, when she died a terrible crash and never awoke...
-Bessy - Mom's crashed work computer. Not bad for it's time, but it HAS NO SOUND!
-Sir Frederic Froogleheimer - college sister's crashed LAPTOP from 2003, came with virus!!

And now this one will be the lucky one. I can just feel it ;D. (Altho...Jessie DID do a good job =D).

What should I name it?


See, I want to give it a japanese name<3 but the sister would kill me XD.

How about..


Muahakakakakakakaahahaha~~~~~~`````!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GERTRUDE IT IS!!~~!!!!~!~~!!!!!!~


alrighty then...

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