Saturday, August 1, 2009


Yayy!! I put up my fan dance for Karen Girls the other day! It came out pretty nice ^-^. I got 2 comments even!! WOOT! I think that means I'll get more soon ;D. It's not like I've never gotten comments before, but for some really makes you anxious!! LOL
One of them said I need more energy. I didn't think about it HAHA. I'm not disagreeing though. I really do agree after watching again. I might do the same song over in one shot, just to see if I can do better ;D. But yeah, I'm sure I'll grow the more I practice. I danced for a long time when I wasn't behind the camera. But the camera is SOOO different!! It's cRAZY! It really helps you see what you're doing wrong.
I want to keep dancing. I'm worried though....I went through like 4 pairs of batteries on that!!!!!
But at the same time, it couldn't possibly be as bad next time...Considering how many different shots and angles I did that last video! I bet I'd be fine with 2 and then eventually just 1. I'm still getting use to being in front of a camera lol.
This is exciting! I never dreamed I'd be able to do fan dances!! I hope that I continue to grow, and I hope I make friends through it. How I would love to be part of a Cosplay!! (<3____<3)~~~~~~~

I want to get as good as like....Kyaaakya or Michigo or MiraMirachan or someone! That'd be just awesome!
Dance is so much fun! I love learning choreography. ^__-

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