Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dancing Everyday~

Today I filmed my dance cover of Onnaji Kimochi by Tokyo Girls' Style! It went so well~ I got it down in four shots.

The middle part (2:46) where Shoji Mei has a hip-hop moment... That was the hardest!! I have been working on it every day for about two months. Nonstop! But it came out good enough that I am well pleased~♥♥

When I finished that, as I have REAAALLY been waiting and wanting to, I made a preview for the dance of "Kirari". The song is also by Tokyo Girls' Style. I feel pretty happy, because it is probably the first "Kirari" dance cover up, this far!

It went really well, too! I made some mistakes, and noted some tips and compliments with annotations, but since I hadn't looked at THAT dance on the camera even once, I was soo impressed. I can't wait to get that full dance shot up! ^-^

Thank you for viewing~♥ I appreciate it.

Here is my Kirari preview:


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Public Support? Haha~

What??? Why am I wearing a messy bun and holding a restaurant cup?? xD

Answers are... not unusual, and not the norm, considering today's circumstance ^-^~

1. I refuse to do my hair better to take a picture with a freaking soda cup.


This morning I watched a boat-load of Cutie Circuit videos. I skimmed the entire 2010 performance. Within the concert, I learned that °C-ute started a trend where their T-shirt color matched a certain member, so then fans could wear different colors to represent their favorite members. Cute for °C-ute, nee?

Well, Noodls & Co has been giving away rainbow colored cups. I think that they're the same colors, except for Suzuki Airi's pink. Since Nakajima Saki-san's T-shirt is blue, I decided that my cup was a Nakitty cup. Get it? XDD
So tonight I somehow thought this all out.. Makes some sort of sense, right? --
No????...okay ^-^"


Here is the picture of the members~

This is better quality, and the same colors:

Suzuki Airi


I always have to wonder about the famous Suzuki Airi~
She has gained so much popularity; she probably even carries the weight of H!P's success, sometimes!!

To be put into the program at such a young age, and then to quickly learn to make her way to fame... To have an Internationally famous golfer of a dad... What were her thoughts growing up??

Suzuki Airi is one of the few that I've seen almost NEVER mess up. Somehow she makes every line and every song smooth and charming. She is talented, but even more so, she seems positive of who she is! If not, then she is positive of what she can endure on the stage, and how her voice and her dance and her passion can move her in the right direction. She is the very image of success; the very image of society.

And yet, she still seems so very sweet! It's hard to imagine her as a diva.. as someone false. Is she? It is impossible to tell from a distance such as this (the Pacific, the heart of a country, security, and very select camera footage).

Suzuki... does she weep? Does she long for family? Does she long for friendship?

Suzuki Airi, therefore to me, represents the burdens of Japan and the entire world's idols.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Wakannai :(

Konnichi wa ♥♥♪

I have to admit minna-san, sometimes it gets old to open up twitter and see even more than this:

That I can't understand at all! Sometimes Tokyo Girls Style, plus Ayano, plus Hitomi, plus Wada Ayaka say a whole bunch of stuff, and then it takes like twenty minutes to put it all into the translator.

It'd be so much easier if I could learn to understand.

Still from the translations, I learn a lot. Like "Kira Kura" referred to Ayano having a headache, and "Kai Pan" when Hitomi said it meant that she got paid for very good work.

I'm so anxious to learn Japanese though, sometimes. I love the sound of it and how it looks. But there is just so much to learn!! >_<... Sometimes that's good, because it's like a really great challenge that I'll be happy when I get better and better. But since I'm so young right now, sometimes it just looks like one BIG challenge instead of many small challenges.~

Sighh... Anyways, I'll learn it someday! =) And then I'll be able to read what Hitomin and Aachan write to the world, in its best translation~♥

Sore, ja nee~♫ ♥♦♣♠


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tokyo Girls Style (東京女子流, Tōkyō Joshi Ryū) !! ~♥♥

Konnichi wa~ Erisan desu!

I have formed a recent obsession :3 ... Tokyo Girls Style!

Debuted at young ages with three beauteous singles.. Yes, I hope to follow them!

My favorite is Shoji Mei. The dancer, of course♥♥

She looks very energetic and like a very hard worker.

She looks very polite, and her singing voice just keeps getting stronger!

I first found Tokyo Joshi Ryu through their third single, which just happened to be linked to some part of Youtube.

After much time in admiration for the catchy tune, I found their debut, "Kirari".

"Kirari" kept me on the STYLE train, because of the message it sent! SO great for a debut video!! <333 I love it!

I've also joined the STYLE blog~ My user name is ElChan26 on the Forums <33

I hope to continue following STYLE always!!


I have plans to dance to "Onnaji Kimochi" and "Kirari" quite soon!!

So then, Ja nee~

~Erisa Desu~

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Honto? Hmm...

The Blood+ manga.
I didn't read the first one.
I had gone to the library over summer and I saw it, the title blood+.... But I hadn't yet heard of the anime. Later I watched the anime and really regretted not having got it while it was there.

Yesterday morning, Saturday, at about 10:00 AM, I got to go to the library again!
This is the first time since school has started!!! >___<;;;;
I missed my library trips =(

I found volumes 2, 3, and even 4 just sitting there on the shelf.
I freaked out and got all three of them!!!
I finished the anime series just recently, whereas I started it near the end of summer.
------I'm sorry to anyone who was wanting to read them. LOL. I will get them back soon! Thank you very much.--------

The story is so different!!!! Mui in volume 2? I could swear she didn't enter the series until at least 30 episodes in! And where was Riku? Mui was Saya's friend in volume 2.
I was so sad that Mui turned into a Chiropteran =(. Then Saya was forced to do away with her. That was an odd touch that I am almost MAD at Katsura Asuka-sensei for. TT__TT
And also her dad just kind of stayed at home. But in the anime, it was essential that he also became a Chiropteran and was slayed. How does this work?
But of course, there might've been a bit more of Saya's Oto-san in the first volume, which I skipped of course.
Haji. Saya is already obsessed with Haji. But in the anime he was just kind of THERE for a long while. A very long while. When did this change?
But it was cool that Haji-san had more action =^-^= ♫!!~ He is a definite hero in the anime and the manga, that remains unchanged.

((I hope there isn't a ton more blood to continue! That really is depressing. This is my first Dark Horse manga. I'm not quite use to all the gore. =/ *puzzled*))

This storyline is really different!! Still I enjoy reading it. I can't wait to read volumes 3 and 4. Hopefully at some point I can go back to volume 1, that way things may make a bit more sense.


I have this box of crackers at home that I just now looked at.
I saw the title and didn't even see what they were for a while. I guess it was just a weird name for a food to have, so I couldn't yet guess what was inside the box by just seeing the side label.

Classic Rounds? Really? LOL!!!
That's just too funny. Isn't it?