Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dancing Everyday~

Today I filmed my dance cover of Onnaji Kimochi by Tokyo Girls' Style! It went so well~ I got it down in four shots.

The middle part (2:46) where Shoji Mei has a hip-hop moment... That was the hardest!! I have been working on it every day for about two months. Nonstop! But it came out good enough that I am well pleased~♥♥

When I finished that, as I have REAAALLY been waiting and wanting to, I made a preview for the dance of "Kirari". The song is also by Tokyo Girls' Style. I feel pretty happy, because it is probably the first "Kirari" dance cover up, this far!

It went really well, too! I made some mistakes, and noted some tips and compliments with annotations, but since I hadn't looked at THAT dance on the camera even once, I was soo impressed. I can't wait to get that full dance shot up! ^-^

Thank you for viewing~♥ I appreciate it.

Here is my Kirari preview:



  1. this is takenoprisoners666 from yt. good job!

  2. Thank you so much! I truly appreciate the response~(^-^)♥