Saturday, July 31, 2010

Suzuki Airi


I always have to wonder about the famous Suzuki Airi~
She has gained so much popularity; she probably even carries the weight of H!P's success, sometimes!!

To be put into the program at such a young age, and then to quickly learn to make her way to fame... To have an Internationally famous golfer of a dad... What were her thoughts growing up??

Suzuki Airi is one of the few that I've seen almost NEVER mess up. Somehow she makes every line and every song smooth and charming. She is talented, but even more so, she seems positive of who she is! If not, then she is positive of what she can endure on the stage, and how her voice and her dance and her passion can move her in the right direction. She is the very image of success; the very image of society.

And yet, she still seems so very sweet! It's hard to imagine her as a diva.. as someone false. Is she? It is impossible to tell from a distance such as this (the Pacific, the heart of a country, security, and very select camera footage).

Suzuki... does she weep? Does she long for family? Does she long for friendship?

Suzuki Airi, therefore to me, represents the burdens of Japan and the entire world's idols.


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