Friday, August 28, 2009


Isn't C-ute's new single fantastic?! I love it!! So cute~~
It's called, "EVERYDAY Zekkouchou!!", and it's really great!
They've got a good dance for it. I like the style of the PV. Airi pwned it! And MaiMai is too cool! I couldn't imagine being in her place....She's just a BIT younger than me!
The music itself starts out sounding like "Maple Treeway" music from Mario Kart Wii! It's such a funny resemblence!~~
Isn't that weird??
I also might be thinking of another from that game....I'm not sure, it's just the first thing to come to me!!

Mano just gets better and better! I'm happy that in her new single, "Kono Mune no Tokimeki".
Let's see...Judging by the title....I've heard these words before!! hmm..
the "no" adds ownership to the "kono mune", i'm almost positive.
"Tokimeki" must have to do with time. Because "toki" is time of course!
I'll learn it eventually~
Here's a link with just a picture:
Anyway-- I was so happy to see S/mileage in there again! They've gotten so pretty it pwns! Wada Ayaka has been a major favorite of mine lately. Isn't she cool? I guess judging by the Ama no Jaku pv, she must draw too! That was amazing!! I draw too =). That was something I was so excited to learn about her~

It still bothers me that I don't know any H!P fans in real life!! Why are they so frickin' rare? Once you become familiar with their songs, you're HOOKED!. Why am I still a loner?
Well, I'm positive that one day when i take a japanese class, I will find someone that is into H!P....if not a big fan of many other Japanese bands~! =) I can't wait.


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