Thursday, July 23, 2009


Yeah, this post is kind of out of boredom. I've been wanting to post a second entry since my second day here, but I was also waiting for a friend to read the first one...LOL!

I'm not very good at blogging. What am I suppose to talk about? HA

Oh yes-- I've started watching Blood+ anime!! It is amazing and I love it! I recommend it to everybody! The whole world! YEAH!
I've watched 1/2 of it, 25 episodes this week!

My favorite character is Haji. He's just awesome. He's patient. He's fierce. And he knows exactly what his goals are. And even though he has all the time in the world, he never wastes a second of it. I envy Haji. I even wonder if his name translates to "strength". It should! ^_^.

Oh yes! Today is my 1 year of one of my youtube accounts--
I haven't really posted much on it =(. My computer crashed in the middle of the year. So now me and my sister are using our older sister's broken down, crap-job laptop.
It's awful! Toshiba brand. Windows. 2003-ish. YUCK!!
However, I am working on a slideshow! And I don't care that the older sister said it "can't handle any big projects". I haven't made a video since LAST YEAR! LITERALLY! And I'm really beginning to miss it!
Unfortunately, I didn't even make it in time for my 1 year anniversary post =(. The slideshow is still in progress.
To all those who said they'll be looking forward to another slideshow from me,

Sorry for the wait!! I'll work really hard!

Thank you for reading....if anybody ever will in 10 years...

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